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  1. ALBATROS MARITIMO is an Insurance Agent under the Act of Arbitration, as well as an external partner of SPASEI, S.L. Broker Insurance and Reinsurance, with Insurance code Nr. J-2479 and RJ-0064 of the General Insurance & Pensions Funds Directorate.
  1. A team of professionals not only coming from the Maritime Transport World but also having the expertise to provide any customers with the necessary advice in any kind of insurance, as well as the presentation, proposal or final plan prior to the conclusion of an insurance contract work, including the subsequent assistance in the management and execution of such contracts, specially under any emergency situation or disaster

In particular, we can summarize our management in:

  • Analysis and Assessment of the obtained data
  • Company data acquisition and if necessary an “in site” checking and evaluation of the installations
  • What precise activities does the client do and what are the general requirements for the business
  • Analysis of the customer and he´s circumstances
  • Finally, we will write a full report with the estate of requirements. IN case the customer provides its current policies papers, we are able to carry out an evaluation to show any possible weaknesses and a way to improve
  • Presentation of a full final report with recommendations and a complete set of new offers

Upon the evaluation of the papers, we would keep annual track of the insurance policies in order to review and compare them with other market options, so that we can properly asses the customer with:

  • A BRIEF summary of the coverages, so that he will be able to get an overall picture of the covered risk at any time and at a glance and the amplitude of the contracts, wavoiding the buden of a full and detailed study.

In case any accident / claim or a fact leading to a disaster occurs, we would deal with it by:

  • Analysis of the fact and circumstances
  • Analysis of the contracted insurance papers and coverage to properly asses the customers about triggering event coverage or not
  • Management of all necessary documentation for the process
  • And if necessary, personally dealing with the other insurance company to bring the reclamation to a good end
  1. ALBATROS MARITIMO is able to assist their customer in any matter relating to insurances, both in the field of business – in any sector of activity – as individuals, as well as on the preparation of International Insurance Programs, Contingency Insurances, Difference in Conditions, Professional Responsibilities and very specially in terms of responsibilities related to the Transportation sector, P & I, etc.
  1. ALBATROS MARITIMO has an special dedication to the clusters, whether they are professional or private associations, who may require the preparation of either collective policies covering their professional and personal risks or simply any advice – by means of fees – for all their members have the essential coverages according to their professional tasks and the group´s goal.
  1. ALBATROS MARITIMO is able to prepare programs for his multinational customers to have homogeneous worldwide coverage through policies that guarantee that in all countries where its customers operate, their goods, their responsibilities and their employees are covered, up to levels requiring the Master company , and complementarily a set of Difference in Conditions and Limits (DIC / DIL) coverages for those countries where insurance is nationalized so that necessary and required levels of assurance is achieved

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