Good and enterprise balance

In the business world, not only responsibilities are declared, but in most accidents, damage occurs to their own property, with the consequence of a partial and temporary interruption of the activity.

Therefore, we provide our customers the coverage necessary to ensure their properties and business results, such as:

  • Damage Insurance, either in the form of multi-risk or no risk of loss or damage Accidental
  • Insurance Process Machinery
  • Insurance Electronic Equipment & Peripherals
  • Insurance Construction and Assembly Equipment and Machinery.
  • Insurance Loss Benefits, both as a result of an accident at a facility such as specialty ALOP to cover the anticipated loss of benefits of a project as a result of an accident, covered by a covered peril, and following which is not achieved completion of the project in the estimated time, complementing Insurance Transport, Construction and Installation.

Group Insurance

There are many industrial sectors, where the collective (national, regional, provincial, local or sectoral) agreements stipulate the obligation to contract insurance coverage to guarantee certain risks encountered the corporate employees. Also, some companies tend to buy insurance for their employees, complementing or expanding which establish collective agreements by independent those policies. Moreover, some companies that are primarily based on a series of Employees, Directors, Business travelers, including “Men Key” need to offer specific coverage, so you can provide them coverage specially prepared and to the extent necessary, for this. Moreover, many companies are offering their employees and families, Group Insurance free membership, such as Health, Life or Accident, we can also prepare.


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