Other Insurances

Asesoramiento en seguros

Not only natural or legal persons may suffer damages, or causing, but there is also a series of hedges, without any action or omission of the customer, can generate economic losses, such as:

Insurance Contingencies

This type of insurance, guarantee economic losses that may occur to the organizer of an event, by:

or weather Causes

or impairment of access to the premises where it will organize the event

or disease or nonappearance of actors, musicians, preventing the development of the event, etc.

International Programs

For customers who have interests abroad, we propose the structuring of an international program that guarantees their assets and liabilities abroad arising from their operational bases worldwide (excluding countries by international standards is not possible )

  • Programs Difference in Conditions and limits for those entrepreneurs who must ensure their goods in different countries, which is required assurance in national or nationalized companies, but remain many toppings without including in its international program, so this type of policy DIC / DIL guarantee them an optimal level of assurance as the approach of its main office.

Other Services

Finally, we can propose to undertake audit reports on their current coverage or future needs, through which they would submit the necessary studies, so good you. Or broker, you could get the insurance market of appropriate policies and recommended.

These reports – depending on the level of the same – lead applied a fee for the efforts made, except that nominate us as their insurance advisors.

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